4CH Temperature Data Logger Recorder RTC -55...+125 C Bluetooth DS18B20 Wireless

compatible with Arduino Bluetooth Module HC-05 RTC (Real Time Clock)
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4CH Temperature Data Logger
compatible with Arduino Bluetooth Module HC-05

RTC (Real Time Clock)

About device:

Measuring 98mm x 82mm x 30mm.

Easy connect to Android device via Bluetooth.

Digital temperature sensors based on DS18B20 chip.
USB driver based on CH340G chip.
Power circuit: usb power supply .
Mini usb cable.
Software selectable: Celsius / Fahrenheit.
Compatible with Arduino Bluetooth Module HC-05.

Bluetooth distance range 10m.

Changeable logging interval: 1sec ... 7200sec.

Record time and date.

Synchronous data transfer via bluetooth and usb cable.

Output log format: text or csv (easy transfer data to Excel).

Temperature sensor stainless steel tube size: 6x50mm.

UART settings: 9600kbps, 8 bits data, 1 stop bit, 1 start bit.

Range: -55 ~ 125у / -67 ~ 257ц.
Accuracy: Ѱ.5у/ (-55 ~ 125у / -67 ~ 257ц).
Resolution: 0.1у / 0.1ц.

Depending on the batch, colors of the wires may change !!!

Remember how to connect sensors:

red wire - VCC, black wire - GND, yellow - DATA

red wire - VCC, black wire - GND, blue- DATA

Remember how to connect Bluetooth Module

Waterproof temperature sensors

To stop logging, press button "UP"

To change "C" or "F", press button "SELECT"

Firmware 3.0 have controlling commands

Logging file, as example! : here

USB device driver CH340G : here

Driver installation guide : here

How to connect HC-05 bluetooth : here

Program for data collect and controlling (RealTerminal): here

Youtube video : here

LOT include:

1x 4CH Temperature Data Logger V2

4x Temperature waterproof sensors

1x USB cable

HC-05 Bluetooth Module not include !!!


You can use another usb cable with lenght up to 5 meters

You can extend the temperature sensor up to 10 meters (any three-core copper wire)

Each device are testing before shipping

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