PWM AC Light Dimmer Module 50Hz 60Hz For Arduino Raspberry LED IOT AC Phase Dimmer Controller

AC Phase Control Circuit (Dimming Circuit) / Home Automation, School Projects, Work Related Projects
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This module is designed to control the intensity of incandescent lamps, AC LED dimmable bulbs, LED Strips, Power of heating elements and AC motor speed through a micro-controller by PWM signal or voltage level. 
Device characteristics : 
PCB dimensions: 50mm x 75mm 
Mounting holes diameter: 3.2mm 
Distance between holes: vertical 68mm, horizontal 43mm 
Working voltage 80...240VAC 
Current 3A 
Device power supply - 5V or 3.3V 
Compatible for 50Hz and 60Hz AC LINE 
Autodetect AC LINE frequency - 50Hz or 60Hz 
PWM input signal up to 10kHz 
Input voltage level up to VCC (0-3.3V / 0-5V) 
50HZ LED - show detected 50Hz AC Line 
60HZ LED - show detected 60Hz AC Line 
Both LED flashing - when AC Line is not detected 
POPWE LED - indicate device power 
On-board Snubber circuit for triac protection, when you're controlling inductive load 
Low voltage side and high voltage side is completely isolated 
Fully compatible with any MCU, Arduino or Raspberry boards 
NOT appropriate to change the brightness of fluorescent lamps !!! 
To control LED STRIP, diode rectifier must be connected before AC INPUT. 
AC LOAD dimming control via firing angle method. 

Arduino testing sketch here 
 Device in action #1 - 
Device in action #2 -


Question: Hi. Does this dimmer work with halogen light?

Answer: Sure will work with halogen bulb!



i recently receive 2 "PWM AC Light Dimmer Module 50Hz 60Hz For Arduino Raspberry LED IOT AC Phase Dimmer Controller".
It is dimming perfectly with incandescent lamps.
I want to put dimmable LED lamps on it. I heard that they are compatibility issues with LED and dimmer.

Should you recommande me some dimmable LED lamps that are fully compatible with your dimmer module (specifications or exemple of products) ?
Thanks for you help,

best regards,


PWM dimmer firmware include Power Factor function specially for normal work with dimmables LED bulbs.

You can use Osram dimmable LED bulbs ->

or Philips ->

or similar branded LED bulb with minimum power 5W.

Comment From Buyer:
I regret that there are no inductance and capacitor to avoid Disturbing harmonics on the network.

otherwise it is a very good product !

Our Comment: 

To eliminate interference in the network, you need to use L filter or EMI filter.


Hello. I've got a technical question about this item, I hope you can help me. What is limiting the maximum current it can take? Is it the heatsink? Is it possible to replace the heatsink for a larger one in order for it to work with higher currents? According to the datasheet, the BT139 Triac can withstand a maximum current of 16A. Thank you


Yes, triac bt139 can hold current up to 16A. But with this small heatsink maximum long term current is only 2A. Otherwise will be triac overheating.

For more output power you should change triac heatsink to bigger.

P.S. If you will desolder triac from pcb, you can change it to any other with gate current <100mA. For example BTA41.

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