Serial 3 Channel AC SSR Dimmer For Arduino and Raspberry PI DIMMER on 230V 50hz (110V-60HZ On/OFF)

The board can be used in applications where dimming of 220V AC power is required like dimming of bulb or fan.
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Serial 3 Channel AC 230V SSR and Dimmer supply voltage supposed to be 230V, 50Hz.
110V, 60Hz can be used only for the ON/OFF operation.

The board can be used in applications where dimming of 220V AC power is required like dimming of bulb or fan. The board can be control with a serial data from any microcontroller 0-100% dimming or ON/OFF control.Board also providing an option for connecting bluetooth and controlling tha loads from any smart apps. Mains power (230v) completely isolated from the microcontroller.




Works on AC power supply 230V.

Load Capacity 12 Amp AC(Up to 2000 Watt)

Isolated from mains power

Works from any microcontroller input

Serial Control (TTL).

Simultaneous 3 load control with 0-100% dimming.

Act as 3 channel solid state relay with ON/OFF and dimming.

Optional input for Microcontroller or Bluetooth inteface pin TX,RX,5V,GND.

Application software source code should be provided.\

High quality PCB FR4 Grade with FPT Certified.

Dimension is 4"x2"x1"








N=ALL ON (LOAD1=100%, LOAD2=100%, LOAD3=100%)


A100= load1 at 100% dimmer level.

A026=load1 at 26% dimmer level.

B065=load2 at 65% dimmer level.

A089=load3 at 89% dimmer level.

Package Contains :

Serial 3 Channel AC 230V SSR Dimmer.

NOTE:Since this module working with liive 230V AC, while experimenting user has to take proper safety precautions.



Datasheet (Serial 3 Channel AC 230V SSR and Dimmer)

Software (Dimmer Utility Software)

Code (ATMEL)

Code (PIC)

Code (Arduino)

Code (Ardunio Auto dimming code)

Code (Raspberry Pi)

Please see below for sample coding and features



I am currently designing my home automation setup and if this unit will work with my requirements I will need 6 units.

My question is to know whether I can have all six connected to a Raspberry Pi and be able to control all 18 outputs separately from each other. This would require that all six controllers are separately addressable or else they will need to be connected to a different digital output on the Raspberry Pi.

If you can send me a schematic diagram of how to connect more than one unit it will be of great help.

Thanks and regards

Answer :
Dear Sir,
Greetings From RDL!!!

You can connect six units of the Serial 3 Channel Dimmer to Raspberry Pi by interfacing 8 Channel Multiplexer (74HC4051) with Raspberry Pi. Please click below given link for the details of the same.

See sample video

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