Serial 8 Channel AC 230V SSR and Dimmer

The board can be used in applications where dimming of 110-220V AC power is required like dimming of bulb or fan.
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Works on AC power supply 230V.
Load Capacity 12 Amp AC(Up to 2000 Watt)
Isolated from mains power
Works from any microcontroller.
Serial Control (TTL).
Simultaneous 8 load control with 0-100% dimming.
Act as 8 channel solid state relay with ON/OFF and dimming.
Optional input for Microcontroller or Bluetooth, XBEE, and USB inteface pin TX,RX,5V,GND.
High quality PCB FR4 Grade with FPT Certified.


The board can be used in applications where dimming of 110-220V AC power is required like dimming of bulb or fan. The board can be control with a serial data from any microcontroller 0-100% dimming or ON/OFF control.Board also providing an option for connecting bluetooth, xbee and USB  and controlling tha loads from any smart apps. Mains power (230v) completely isolated from the microcontroller.



Package Contains :
Serial 8 Channel AC 230V SSR Dimmer.

NOTE: Since this module working with liive 230V AC, while eperimenting user has to take proper safety precautions.


Datasheet (Serial 8 Channel AC 230V SSR and Dimmer )
Software (Dimmer Utility Software)
Code (ATMEL)
Code (PIC)



Question :

can you control the 8 loads independantly?
If yes how do you adress them?


Answer :

Yes you can, there are 8 channels namely A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H. In case if you want to control channel 1 i.e, channel A then you should give values like A015 for 15% brightness here you can go up to 100% by giving command as A100.
(Eg: A025 - 25%, A050 - 50% so on...)

In order to turn off then A000, B000 and so on.. 
In the similar way, other channels can be controlled with their respective channel name with respective percentage of brightness. Eg: For controlling channel B for 20% brightness you should give command like B020.
Hope your query is answered. 



8ch SSR (Serial 8 Channel AC 230V SSR and Dimmer)
Can the controller dim 230V Led strips?


Answer:This is for your kind information, this Serial 8 Channel AC 230V SSR and Dimmer module can be used in dimming of incandescent bulb or fan and only Traic Dimmable LED's.
Hello there!

One question, we would like to connect it as a usb device, what pins need to be connected and what jumpers need to be set? Is it being recognised as a serial2usb device?

Can you draw it on the attached image?

The specs I found online are a bit unclear.
Kind regards,

You can connect it as USB device using the TX,RX,GND,5V Pinouts. Jumper setting is not required.
Hey there!

I'm very interested in the dimmer board but I'm wondering if you know anything about the dimming technology (PWM / phase control)? I want to dimm LED light bulbs with it; do you know if that will work?

Thanks a lot & all the best from Berlin
This board working phase dimming .  If you want to control the LED , you have to make sure that LED driver support for phase dimming .