4A Universal AC MAINS Dimmer - MPDMv4.1 Compatible Arduino Raspberry PI and MCUs 110V/60hz - 240V/50Hz4A

A MAINS Power Dimmer/Switch with integrated Phase detection and ZCD (Zero Crossing Detection) processing. 4 A
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What is it?

A MAINS Power Dimmer/Switch with integrated Phase detection and ZCD (Zero Crossing Detection) processing. It is Triac driven and intended to be used for lighting control. Tested and working ok with standard lightbulbs (incandescent lamps or the new Halogen ECO). For LED or fluorescent lights you need to check first that they are dimmable units.

Designed and tested for EU MAINS 240V/50Hz but working also OK on US 110/60hz.

Why did you make it?

The idea behind was to create a Universal MAINS Power Dimmer that is easy to be used with lighweight IOT applications processors/MCU/SOC as ESP8266 for example or even RASPBERRY PI Boards. It is A Vcc=3.3V friendly device!

What makes it special?

You Don't need to do ANY kind of ZCD processing on your application processor/SOC, Arduino/ESP8266/whaterever MCU you might use out there these days!! All the proper Zero Crossing Detection and processing functions are done driver side, onboard!

It's a Voltage/PWM controlled device, that means you just need 1 PIN to provide a PWM signal or a 0-3V voltage from a DAC for a smooth, accurate and precise control. Even a Potentiometer is enough! no timing issues, no programming, no nothing!

Protected by FUSE and MOV as requested by the latest MAINS Safety Rules. To be used with proper EMI filter. Use a proper Heatsink for Triac, accordingly with your planned load power. For a standard house lightbulb can work without.

All components are brand new, coming from traceable sources and are properly tested before shipping.

For more details about MPDMv4 Universal AC Dimmer please read articles below:



How many a.c. watts or amps can this handle? I noticed it doesn't have a heatsink. I need to power a 120Vac heating element up to1000W.


By default MPDMv4 is delivered with a 4A fuse that will give you a maximum power of about 900W. If you replace the fuse with a bigger one you can easily double the power as the onboard Triac is a 12A one.


Will this work with induction loads? Like universal motors on a belt sander or drill?


MPDMv4.1 was designed mainly for Light Dimming. However, because it has a proper MAINS snubber circuit onboard it can be used also for Universal motors. Extra care need to be taken in terms of wiring, Triac heatsink size, load power,etc

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