8x MAINS Relays board for Home Automation Wifi Compatible - ESP8266

MPRSx8 is a WIFI Compatible 8x MAINS Relays board fully compatible with Arduino, ARM, ESP8266, ESP32, PIC, RaspberryPI, ESPEasy and DOMOTICZ!!etc
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Why did you make it?

The idea behind was to design a safe, compact, all-in-one Universal MAINS (EU/US) compatible 8x High Power Relays board that can be easily used for industrial or home automation projects and experiments, fully compatible with Arduino, ARM, ESP8266, ESP32, PIC, RaspberryPI, etc.
-Compact, standard size: 16x5 cm! (half Eurocard height)
-Universal AC MAINS input (240VAC/50Hz (EU) or 110V/60Hz (US)
-Safe operation design
-Proper MOV and high quality ceramic FUSE MAINS input protection.
-8 x MAINS rated 15A Relays
-8 x independent swithing Power Channels
-Power Channels can be software configured for mutually exclusive usage
-Recommended load upto 10A/channel
-LED signaling Panel for each Power Channel Status
-Integrated switchmode MAINS PSU
-Separate high efficient switchmode PSU for command & control circuit
-Can work also from a external +12V power supply just not install the MAINS PSU
-I2C / nEXT Bus compatible - you can add your own extension modules - light sensors, gas, motion, etc
-Can be stacked upto 8 boards for a total of 64 Power Channels!!
-Compatible with any I2C compatible MCU/Board: Arduino, ARM, PIC, ATMEGA, ESP8266, ESP32, RaspberryPI, etc
-ESP8266 friendly design: can add your ESP8266 module directly onboard for a full WIFI MAINS Power switchboard solution
-Full access to ESP8266 pins thru 2 headers gives you even more flexibility in developing your projects!
-Full programming header (Tx, Rx, GPIO0 and Reset)
-For more details, software examples and many more please take a look also to the related section on the ESP8266-Projects.com and MCU Projects World Youtube Channel

NOTE: This relay do not haveĀ ESP8266 module on it but you can soldier it yourself.

MPRSx8 is a WIFI 8x MAINS Relays board fully compatible with Arduino, ARM, ESP8266,RaspberryPI,etc

** To avoid any kind of confusions: Please be aware that ESP8266 is not included in the default option as many of your customers what them without, to use them with their own ESP or other MCU's. To add also ESP8266 use the options from the right.

See images for below schematics:
MAINS input power supply
3.3V power supply for the command and control section
Relays driver



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